Friday, 2 October 2009

Incredibly Witty And Incisive

Aaaaaaaaages ago, I made an incredibly witty and incisive post about the misery and grief caused by unnecessary remakes. You can click here to read it, but if the thought of reading a whole other post of this drivel fills you with unremitting dread, I basically suggested that remakes are being made so soon after the original these days that it’s only a matter of time before the remake is made first, and the original, better version made later. It makes more sense in the old post, I promise*.

Anyway it turns out, not for the first time, that I was absolutely right. In fact there have already been dreadful ‘retro-makes’ of several classic modern movies, as I discovered browsing YouTube recently when I was supposed to be doing something more productive, like the job I’m paid for.

So here, for your Friday viewing pleasure, are trailers for retro-makes (they’re called pre-makes on YouTube, which I grudgingly admit is cleverer) of two 1980s movies of distinction. Do enjoy them now won’t you!

Thanks to whoiseyevan for the videos!

*Promise not legally binding

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