Tuesday, 13 October 2009


It’s Tuesday, which – as we all know – is national Be Unoriginal And Nick Something From Another, Better Blog day. Or BUNSFABB day as I’m really, really hoping it’ll soon be called.

In the spirit of BUNSFABB, therefore, I’m saving you the trouble of reading the Guardian Film Blog, where I found this, and willingly redirecting you to someone else’s site which is much more original and clickworthy than The Incredible Suit. Although in a direct comparison it has to be noted that it doesn’t update every single weekday, a service which would require staggering commitment and dedication, exceptionally commendable effort and utmost respect for the viewers.

Just saying.

So pop over to the “I Can Read Movies” page on flickr and frottle your eyeballs on a shedload of geekgasmic fake book covers based on movies, designed by irritatingly talented genius wizard-boy Mitch Ansara. As if he - or indeed anyone - cares, here are The Incredible Suit’s favourites:

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