Monday, 5 October 2009

Dawson's Creek Fridge Magnet

Yesterday I went to a car boot sale with three other people, one of whom suggested a competition: whoever could buy the best movie-related item for 50 pence or less would win.

I bought this for 20 pence:

Which pretty much screams Gorillas In The Mist, I think you'll agree. Apart from the mist, obviously. Also I think they might be chimpanzees rather than gorillas, but you get the idea. However I was beaten by a Dawson's Creek fridge magnet.

How does something like that happen?

I also bought this LP for a pound:

It wasn't worth it.

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  1. Can we see a picture of the magnet please?

  2. If I can prise it from Mrs Incredible Suit's hands. She sleeps with it under her pillow, I think she must be in love with lion-faced Dawson Dreary.

  3. Best movie related item? It would have cost you nothing to point to an empty table and said "Gone with the Wind".

    You could have pointed your watch hour hand at the sun, divide angle between that and 12 o'clock. That would be "Due South". Face the other way and turn to the right by about 22 and a half degrees. That would be "North by NorthWest". Stand with your back to the breeze and "Whistle down the Wind". All for nought. You could have just said you presumed the prize was yours, that would be "Great Expectations". Or just stand there as you are for "It Came from Outer Space".

  4. Tony, where were you when I needed you?!