Thursday, 23 July 2009

Surplus Kiddy Beans

Poll results time, everyone! Now look. I like diversity. I like that everyone has different views on stuff. It’s what makes the world go round. However it does make for a clumsy graphic when equal numbers of you vote a) for The Prisoner Of Azkaban as the greatest Harry Potter Film, Like, Ever, and b) that all Harry Potter films are bobbins. So if you could all be a bit more homogenous in your views in future polls, that would make my life a lot easier. Thanks!

I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the other day. It was exactly like all the other Harry Potter films, which is to say that it was 24% rubbish but 76% enjoyable. It had some funny bits (Harry on drugs), some bits which made me glad I’m not a teenager any more (all that unrequited lust) and some bits that made me wish I was Harry Potter (Harry and Ginny playing Hide-The-Potions-Book).

It was also, like a 30 minute episode of Big Brother, about 40 minutes too long. I’m amazed kids today can sit still for three hours including trailers, I had trouble making it through a Tom and Jerry cartoon without belting off up and down the street to burn off some surplus kiddy beans when I was that age.

Also, you’d be forgiven for thinking this film might be about the Half-Blood Prince, what with it featuring rather prominently in the title and all. It’s not. The Half-Blood Prince sub-sub-subplot takes up about 0.07% of the total running time. It may as well have been called Harry Potter and the Irrelevant Quidditch Scene, or Harry Potter and the Dead Headmaster (er… spoiler warning), or – even better:
This week’s poll arrives with the inevitability of an unwanted season, and is based on Wednesday’s post: Who’s The Greatest James Bond, Like, Ever? Obviously the answer is Timothy Dalton but I suppose I should give you, the viewers a chance to tell me what you think if only so I can tell you you’re wrong and brandish the stats in your face to prove it. I might even shout “take stat!” while I’m brandishing.

To help you decide who your favourite Bond is (it’s Timothy Dalton), here's a handy reminder. Daniel Craig isn't included but you probably remember him. He's the fugly one.

Thanks to Andy for the video!

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  1. Mate, good blog.

    Did you know that RIGHT NOW they are showing footage in Hall H of the Comic Con Convention of James Camerons AVATAR? I'm literally crapping myself in anticipation!!!

  2. Seriously, Suit.. This frankly unsavoury thing about Ginny Weasley has got to stop. You'll be writing songs about schoolgirls next.

  3. Chrisseh, I did not know that. Sorry to hear about your pant accident. Don't worry, I'm sure Avatar will be as good as Titanic!

  4. NewGirl, I know exactly how you feel about young redheads. Hmm, your name gives me an idea for a song...