Thursday, 30 July 2009

Staggeringly-Bequiffed Legend

In 1973, Stanley Kubrick’s crackers, overlong work of ultraviolent mentalism, A Clockwork Orange, was banned by its own director because its ultraviolence proved to be a bit too ultra. It’s now Number 51 on the Internet Movie Database’s Top 250 films.

In 1986 The Exorcist was banned under the wacky and misguided Video Recordings Act. It’s now widely regarded as one of the most important horror films ever made, and staggeringly-bequiffed legend Mark Kermode believes it to be The Greatest Film, Like, Ever.

And now, in 2009, word reaches me of another distinguished work of art banned by an ultra-conservative society too afraid to face the harsh reality of a ruthless world. Yes, one of The Incredible Suit’s loyal viewers (hello Stu) informs me that the blog is no longer available to read by employees of Halfords Group PLC in their totalitarian state, oops, I mean, place of work. Presumably this is the price I must pay for my reputation as a vociferous opponent of affordable wing mirrors and Homer Simpson air fresheners. It may also be because all blogs are banned under Halfords’ oppressive internet censorship regime, but the former reason is more sensational so that’s what I’ll be going with when Amnesty International get in touch.

Well it’s their loss, because they’ll never know that The Incredible Suit viewers have warmed the deepest, darkest recesses of my dank, clammy gizzards by agreeing with me and voting Timothy Dalton The Greatest James Bond, Like, Ever in my weekly poll. Good for you, and especially those of you who made the journey from Debra Best’s Timothy Dalton Chat Group to vote. How you found out about this humble blog will remain a mystery to me until the day I finally log off. It certainly can’t have been anything to do with the shameless recruitment of Timothy Dalton fan site operators I undertook in a desperate attempt at vote nobbling.

This week’s poll will, I hope, remain as untainted and impartial as the Eurovision Song Contest. While the world remains blissfully unaware of the impending asteroid of Avatar-hype about to shatter it into its component atoms (see this post), The Incredible Suit asks: What’s The Greatest James Cameron Film, Like, Ever? I’m not including Piranha II: The Spawning for obvious reasons:

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  1. No. CLOCKWORK ORANGE was 'banned' by Kubrick because he hated it. Not because of the ultra violence. He just didn't like it. That's why it wasn't until he died that it came out.