Thursday, 2 July 2009

Ambassador Of Bloggery

As if the excitement of yesterday’s revelation that Singin’ In The Rain was voted The Greatest Musical, Like, Ever by almost five readers of The Incredible Suit wasn’t enough, I can now bring you more earth-shattering news of a poll result! I know!! So sit down and have a stiff drink handy because you might not be able to withstand the exhilaration of the next paragraph.

With the total number of votes running a close second to the previous poll’s tally (this time over five of you put mouse to mousepad), Buster Keaton’s masterpiece The General scored 50% to become readers of The Incredible Suit’s Greatest Film From The 1920s. Hooray! I’m particularly ecstatic because that was my favourite, and this result vindicates my choice and proves that I have my blogging finger on the entertainment pulse of the nation – nay, the world.

Because of this I now await the inevitable government invitation to become Minister of Movies, or perhaps Mrs Queen herself will ask me to be some kind of ambassador of bloggery for this great nation. Fear not though viewers, if this happens I shall endeavour to continue blogging as much as my schedule allows, for I know that your hopes and dreams rest on the well padded shoulders of this, The Incredible Suit.

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