Thursday, 9 July 2009

Aliens = Full Awesomosity

In what can only really be seen as a direct result of yesterday’s post about District 9, a bigger, louder, more alieny trailer has been released onto the interwebs, presumably specifically so I can direct the viewers of The Incredible Suit towards it.

While it’s very kind of the filmmakers to do this just for me, I have mixed reactions about this trailer and may have to tone down the unrestrained confidence I paraded around yesterday like those boys at school who were first to show off their underarm hair, the smug morons. Who’s laughing now, eh? WHERE’S YOUR GROUNDBREAKING BLOG, YOU HAIRY KNUCKLE-DRAGGERS?!

Er… anyway, there are things I like about this trailer. The spaceship hanging in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t, to quote Douglas Adams, and the guy who gets accidentally sprayed in the face in what seems like a comedy moment but looks like it might have horrific consequences are particularly unsettling.

But then it all goes a bit Transformersy and there’s some kind of robot bashing things about willy nilly. Given the choice I generally prefer aliens to robots (Aliens = full awesomosity, Transformers = full crapulousness), so unless District 9’s robot is just an alien in a robot suit then my confidenceometer is veering tentatively away from ‘unreservedly convinced’ to ‘mildly concerned’.

So I think I might back off from bleating about District 9 for a bit. That way, if it’s rubbish I can say “well, I did express reservations in this post ”, and if it’s tremendous I can say “well, I did predict it would be in this post ”, and in either circumstance I can turn up the smuggery. That’s the beauty of blogging, you can express every wildly disparate facet of an argument and later on you can selectively point people to whatever post turned out to be the least nonsense.

Anyway here’s the new trailer. Make your own mind up, let me know what you think and make sure you tell everyone I was right when it comes out in September.


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  2. no need to panic! check out this screen grab I did of the trailer:
    you can clearly see an alien dude sitting in the cockpit of said robot thing.

    ps. re-did comment as link was faulty :P

  3. Chrisseh, I bow to your superior screen-grabbage. I am now re-excited about District 9. Bring it on!