Friday 3 June 2011

X-Men: First Class

And, predictably:


  1. Love the poster chart - totally agree!

  2. Not sure it's better than X2, but I think I'd say it's better than X1. Either way, I definitely liked it, and it's good to see a good "X-Men" movie again; thought it was never gonna happen.

    There'd god damn well better be Sentinels in the next one!

  3. Where on the X Y chart would you place Incredible Suit Jacket Escape by Anthony Lindan - DVD?

    I wonder if he showed any of his holes or silly bits during the escape?

  4. Most of the plotholes open because it's not a straight reboot. That Cameo puts paid to that. I was sure you would have enjoyed Fassbender's Erik though- he's Sean Connery: Nazi Hunter! With magnet pow-ah!

  5. It may not be subtle, but it is a return to what made the series so good in the first place [and is] the first X-Men movie to contain some truly spectacular action/special-effects set pieces. Also, McAvoy and Fassbender are great as Professor X and Magneto. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!

  6. I can say with a great sense of relief, First Class is as good as the hype, on a par with the original XMen and X2. The only real question is why didn't they call it "X-Men Origins:Magneto" as it originally was conceived. Fassbender, who plays Magneto, is by far the most compelling character in the whole story. The awkward, insecure Mystique is also a great character playing an interesting and believable contrast to her more adult character in the earlier films.

    This film takes on a different style to all the others, not as child/family friendly but not as dark as the new Batman movies. It's more like the Bond Casino Royale reboot. Thankfully, it works in its favour and (if you ignore Origins:Wolverine) fits in with the timeline of the originally trilogy. It also differs from other Marvel films because there is no Stan Lee cameo or post-credits scene. They do kind of have that scene but they just put it pre-credits in a slightly out-of-style campy leader for any sequel.
    There are loads of little nice surprises, good cameos and answers to previous mysteries. There are loads of new characters with impressive powers

    Bacon was OK as the villain but I preferred him at the beginning of the film, he loses his edge a bit in the middle. His Hellfire gang are all a bit lame too, the guys a kept in the background and only brought in to have an excuse for special effects. Jones' character (Emma Frost) is also a bit limp. I would have preferred her with a bit more malice and a few more clothes on to take seriously. In fact there is quite a sexist portrayal of women throughout the film, maybe that was meant to be a sign of the times, when women were almost treated as bad as the mutants?

    Despite the slightly uncomfortable 2 hour running time (that they could have easily cut shorter) I really enjoyed this film and will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection

  7. I have watched this movie several times because I do love action movies. It's really really one of the best movies that I'd ever watched.