Saturday 25 June 2011

Saturday Playlist #26: X-Men

With X-Men: First Class still bringing home the box office Bacon, it seems like as good a time as any to squirt some X-music into your E-holes.
Each X-Men film has featured a different composer, and the lack of a unifying theme for the series has been something of a disappointment. Where's its Superman march, its Bond theme, its Star Wars fanfare? Nowhere, that's where.

Michael Kamen scored X-Men, tragically being credited as Michael K-Men DO YOU SEE?! on the soundtrack CD, and frankly he did a bit of a shit job: the album is the musical equivalent of a mutant whose power is to make the process of paint drying even duller.

Fortunately John Ottman took over for X2, bringing some serious BAAA, BAAA, BAAAA!! to proceedings, and managed to avoid being credited as 'John Ott-Men'. For X-Men: The Last Stand, John Powell took over, and Harry Gregson-Williams had a go on X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It fell to Hans Zimmer prodigy Henry (not Hugh) Jackman (not Jack-Men) to score X-Men: First Class, and guess what? He did a FIRST CLASS JOB, ahahaha. Hopefully he'll carry on with any X-prequel-sequels, and, based on this piece of aural loveliness, may even prove a worthy successor to David Arnold should he be unavailable for future Bondery.

Anyway, enough waffle. Time to "X-perience" some "X-citing" "X-amples" of X-Music! I don't know where genius writing like that comes from, honest. I'm just born with it.



  1. Agreed. You are "born with it", or as others might say you are "full of it". I am X-treamly Eggs-cited, err X-cited by the X-tention of the playlists to #26. It will no doubt confirm X-actly what you have written.

    By the way, the XX chromosome is female and the male XY, so really there should be Y-Men and X-Women in films. Come to think of it there are a lot of X Women about and many of them are saying Y Men.

  2. They should've just used the cartoon theme

    It's beast