Monday, 6 June 2011

Bond 23 Release Date Change Plunges BlogalongaBond Into Chaos

I was at home last Thursday minding my own business, doing the usual nude gardening we all do on our days off, when I was startled by the sound of klaxons, alarm bells and barking dogs. This could only mean one thing: somebody had made a small announcement about the next Bond film.

I carefully put aside the shears for fear of irreparable self-harm and rushed to the nearest internet where, sure enough, I saw this on Twitter:
Now Sony don't break out the Caps Lock for any old announcement, so we must treat this as top double super important; even more so in the world of The Incredible Suit where the announcement that Daniel Craig recently moved his bowels more than twice in one day would be considered front-page stuff.

This news is a double-edged sword: obviously it's fantastic that the film is out two weeks earlier in the UK than previously reported, and equally satisfying that the US release date remains November 9th, although that hardly makes up for the TWO MONTH discrepancy in the opposite direction for the release of Super 8.

However it does throw a small spanner in the carefully-oiled machinery of BlogalongaBond, the globally-tolerated blogging project set up to review every Bond film at the rate of one a month, because the schedule had been precision-calculated to end in November 2012 when Bond 23 was originally slated for release.

The way I see it, there are a few ways around this:

  1. Miss out one of the films. Die Another Day and Quantum Of Solace have already been singled out by internet h8rz as possible candidates for removal. Let it be known that I will not tolerate this. Every official Bond film has its place in BlogalongaBond; we leave no man behind, even if he's driving an invisible car.
  2. Adjust the time scale so that the remaining 18 films are spread evenly across the next 17 months. This would require a lot of calculations, reminders and other administrative duties with which I frankly cannot be arsed.
  3. Keep calm and carry on. If BlogalongaBondoliers want to post a review of Bond 23 in October 2012, they can. If they'd rather wait till November, that's cool too. This is obviously the only sensible option.
So that's cleared that up. Basically nothing changes. All of this is just an excuse to update the Bond 23 Countdown Clockometer:
As you were.


  1. Good call, fearless leader. I might be the only person who's planning to do a best and worst round-up blog next December, anyways, just to make it a full two years of blogging, so holding back til November on #23 suits me fine.