Sunday 26 June 2011

The Week In Trailers

In what may or may not become a regular Sunday feature, I thought it might be nice to gather up the week's most interesting new trailers in a dirty old sack, club them over the head, drive them to an abandoned warehouse miles from anywhere where nobody can hear their screams and subject them to the kind of intense scrutiny and personal violation that I hope The Incredible Suit will one day become famous for. Place your bets now on whether or not I keep this up for longer than one week.

Puss In Boots
I'm terribly sorry but, apart from obvious jokes based on a cat doing things cats do, like chasing reflected lights and drinking milk, that's bloody funny. As long as we're not subjected to gags about hairballs, fleas and genital-licking, I predict good things.

A Dangerous Method


Come on Gus Van Sant, own up. This is you doing another deliberately wretched shot-for-shot remake of a much-loved classic, right? Phew. For a minute there I thought this was an actual film.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

How can anyone not be excited about a film that posits a world in which monkeys have become so intelligent that they can tell us their favourite brand of cream crackers?

Captain America: The First Avenger

So the transform-o-tron not only turns Tiny Unconvincing CG Chris Evans into Superhero Chris Evans but it also reconfigures his trousers so they still fit him perfectly? That's amazing.

I'm going to call this one now: It won't be very good. Not Green Lantern bad, but not Thor good.


  1. One of the trailers is very misleading. You have the wrong caption and photo for 'Rise of the Planet of the Apps.' Following the success of 'Social Network' this is the story of how a whole generation of humans evolved in 2030 that thanks to surround interactive screens knew everything that was occuring in the world. Unfortunately, like phone users that used to step straight off pavements into the path of cars, this generation was oblivious to immediate danger and never met any mates and all died as a result.

  2. I like your new TWiT feature, kinda like The Movie Preview Critic but less intense ;)

    I was very disappointed on seeing the full Cap America trailer. It suddenly became so lame and generic. Completely agree with what you predict