Monday, 27 June 2011

Warning: Bond 23 May Contain Chase Scenes

All of us here at The Incredible Suit (just me) enjoy the IMDb "Parents Guide", despite its maverick approach to apostrophes. It's a useful tool for finding out if a film has, for example, bare breasts in it, and therefore whether or not it's worth watching.

I was delighted to discover that the Parents Guide has already cast an eye over the next James Bond film, which has yet to shoot a single frame, and offers the following useful warnings for any parents concerned about its content:
Be sure to shield your younglings' eyes during all that alcohol consumption probably.

1 comment :

  1. Who are these self appointed guardians and what moral code do they use to make judgements?
    The moral certainties of my youth (I was born in 1948) have in many many cases been stood on their heads. Here are some Then (T) and Now (N) examples.
    T: Pictures of naked children are OK, naked adults a big clap you in jail no no.
    N: The exact opposite.
    T: Security guards were worried about what was being taken out of a businee.
    N: They worry now about what you might be taking in to the building.
    T: Homosexuals could be locked up.
    N: Discriminating against a homosexual is against the law.

    I could go on. The only code that makes any sense to me is "Do as you would be done by."