Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tower Heist Poster Needs Work

Unless, of course, Michael Peña is playing a hobbit.


  1. Notihng says 'comedy gold' like the girl from Precious

  2. How do they steal Alan Alda's tower? Does it fold into Ben Stiller's pocket like a scene from 'Inception'? Do Gabourey Sidibe's fans pull it apart and carry it away, or it a David Copperfield illusion? Stealing a tower block does Trump all the other heist films like Ocean's Eleven or The Italian Job.

  3. It hurts my soul to see that Casey Affleck has agreed to be in this.

    And also, can Hollywood marketing companies PLEASE hire people who know how to fucking use Photoshop. A half-blind toddler could see that poster's wrong! Wish I could perform that badly at my job and still get paid for it.