Thursday, 25 August 2011

The First Jude Law Film Festival Is Almost Upon Us!

The First Jude Law Film Festival kicks off in just a few weeks with the European Premiere of Fernando Meirelles' 360, in which the great man stars alongside unworthy mortals such as Anthony Hopkins and Rachel Weisz.
The announcement of 360, whose first European public screening also coincides with that of a less significant festival known only by a small number of people as "The LFF", marks the beginning of a two-month period in which it will be physically impossible to approach our nation's multiplexes and picture houses without having The Actor Jude Law beaming down upon you from some giant standee or other.

Further screenings include Steven Soderbergh's Contagion, due for release on October 21st, Martin Scorsese's The Invention Of Hugo Cabret  Hugo Cabret  Hugo, which may or may not be retitled H by the time of its December 2nd release, and Guy Ritchie's semi-eagerly awaited Sherlock Holmes sequel A Game Of Shadows, due on December 16th.
A spokesperson for The Actor Jude Law was yesterday quoted as saying:
“'I'm delighted that 360 will be my - I mean, our - opening night film, and very pleased to welcome The Actor Jude Law to his own Festival. With my - sorry, his - impeccable film making credentials and handsome visage, The Actor Jude Law combines masterful visual story telling with a cheeky grin and a boyish charm, despite so-so performances from a largely unimportant cast. It will be a pleasure to open this year's Festival with such an accomplished film from one of international cinema's finest actors.”
Anybody not wishing to wallow in the glorious majesty of The Actor Jude Law's acting during the latter months of 2011 is strongly advised to avoid the Festival at all costs, as exposure to his era-defining and awe-inspiring talents will be mandatory for anybody who leaves their house or turns on their TV.

For everyone else, Judefest starts on October 12th. See you then!


  1. Please help me for Christ sake

  2. I will be shunning Judefest in favour of the much more appealing Ryanfest which opens on 23rd September with a double feature of Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love, and concludes in October with The Ides Of March.

    The days in between will be filled up with watching Blue Valentine, Lars And The Real Girl and Half Nelson repeatedly on DVD.

    Ryanfest - the sensible choice.

  3. I can't offer to help Majid Ali in the name of Christ or any other deity since I believe in none.

    I thought Jude Law was brilliant as Vassili Zaitsev in 'Enemy at the Gates' 2001 and pretty good as Errol Flynn in 'The Aviator' 2004.

    Eminem should handle the Q&A sessions for 360. He's good at packing clothes too. He's known as The Incredible Suit Wrapper.

    Are you sure that the new Guy Ritchie directed Sherlock Holmes movie isn't called 'Doc, Sleuth and two smoking Calabash pipes'?