Saturday, 13 August 2011

Empire BIG SCREEN: Day Two

2.25pm: So much for live blogging
Imagine my amazement when I arrived at the O2 this morning for Day Two of Empire Presents BIG SCREEN to find PIERCE BROSNAN HIMSELF recreating the opening from The World Is Not Enough!
Moving on, my second day of live blogging hasn't been entirely successful. It's past lunchtime and I haven't posted a word, and for that I'm sorry and by way of apology here are several words.

I decided to avoid any pastry disappointment today by securing this beauty from Starbucks for £1.60:
I triumphantly carried it shoulder-high into the press room, where I was greeted by these:
And they were all free.

I wiped the tears from my chin and made my way to a showcase of footage from distributors eOne, which was all a bit rubbs. A video introduction from Paul WS Anderson to 3D footage from his forthcoming The Three Musketeers was greeted with a massive boo (as in "booooooooooo", not "BOO!", that would be weird), and the trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn convinced me that I don't need to lose my vampirginity with that particular series.

My first experience on a panel was mildly terrifying, as evinced by the steadiness of my hand while taking this photo of the audience:
So much for my fancy new phone.

The panel was fun though and nobody threw anything at me, although the quite lovely Mark Liversidge from film blog The Movie Evangelist did respond to one of my tweets from the morning by bringing me biscuits, so he's pretty much the bizniss.

I managed to catch some of an interview with David Arnold, and although it wasn't nearly as groundbreaking as the one I did with him last year PLUG he did make the literally amazing revelation that he played chess with Will Smith while watching cage fighting on the set of Independence Day. He also gave me a gang sign, which means we're officially homebizzles:
And that's Saturday so far. Later on I'm hoping to interview a GENUINE LEGEND and watch a secret screening which, for the second night running, may or may not be Drive. Later dudes!

8.00pm: I should have gone home hours ago
Well I think we can all agree that the live blogging experiment has been a heroic failure. It doesn't really help that I didn't really do much this afternoon: I sat in on the Momentum Pictures showcase, which included a forthcoming Swedish (I think) film called Headhunters which looks good from the trailer, and some footage from Steven Soderbergh's Haywire which looks fantastic; I recorded a podcast with the sexy Sam & Simon from the Picturehouse chain, and I failed to get into the no-longer-secret screening of Drive despite standing in the world's most confusing queue for twenty minutes.
In the end I retired to the bar, which was quite a bizarre experience but I've already got someone into trouble for tweeting a picture of it so I'd better not say any more.

Bring on Sunday!


  1. 1) Headhunters is Norwegian, but that's OK - none of them speak English, so why bother, right?

    2) Just what I look for in a film blog, endless bullshit about pastries.

    3) Have you considered that nobody threw anything at you because you don't have an opinion worth hearing?

    4) Has it occurred to you that perhaps the actual quotes and news coming out of the events you attended might be more interesting than a self-aggrandising list of your own movements? Unless your name is "movies", in which case "95% movies" makes sense.

    5) Those poster artists you hadn't heard of in your last comment? Those ones have had actual commissions and stand up to scrutiny from their peers, so why don't you show a little bit of respect? You can claim no such recognition for yourself.

    Give up. For our benefit.

  2. And another thing, you smell of poo.

    Steve H

  3. Sounds like Steve didn't get any pastries...

  4. the guy in the que with the dark red tee shirt and rucksack, he is a handsome devil!

  5. Steve H is a moron who has totally missed the point and style of this blog. If he doesn't like it why did he waste his time writing such a vitriolic response? "give up for our benefit"? Whose bloody benefit is he pompously representing? I for one say LONG LIVE THE INCREDIBLE SUIT!