Thursday, 5 May 2011

How To Sell Your Film Via The Medium Of Audience Reaction Videos

I haven't seen Insidious, the new horrorsplasm from James Wan, who we can all thank for the Saw franchise. I was seriously thinking about it until I watched the helpful infra-red audience reaction video which lets us know what emotions we could expect to experience throughout the film:

Looks boring. Think I'll give it a miss.


  1. Do you also fail those internet tests on spotting fake smiles/real smiles? (There's a similar one where you have to select either Computer Programmer or Serial Killer, what larks.) They don't look bored to me.
    Also, when I was out running the other day I went past several phone boxes with Insidious being advertised and did actually think to myself "someone has gone around scratching the eyes off this boy's picture on all the phone box advertising around here..." Dur. Then I had a bad dream about it. But then the scary other self in Black Swan made me a bit terrified at night too...
    And also, didn't the people behind this just make the first Saw film and then Hollywood took it and ran with it? So I know they did the first one and everything, but the others weren't their fault...I haven't done any research for this post other than reading The Guardian Guide a couple of weeks ago. Just so you know.

  2. I am the guy bottom frame, right side, half asleep, I was bored.

  3. Are you sure this audience wasn't in fact watching a helmet camera in Abbottabad or an AV infomercial or a re-run of The Incredible Suit's Oscar night broadcast?