Sunday 8 May 2011

Attack The Blog

If you pretend that nobody else on the internet has made this pun before, it's actually quite clever.

Anyway, this post is something of a trailer to let you know about the barely-containable excitement that lies in store for viewers of The Incredible Suit over the next week.

To celebrate the release of the directorial debut of this site's second tallest interviewee, Mr Joseph Cornish, the whole week will be given over to a series of posts which include rambling interviews with some of Attack The Block's toppest talents:

Acting types Luke Treadaway, Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega,
Simon Howard, Franz Drameh and Mr Nicholas John Frost!
Production designing type Marcus Rowland!
Directing of photography type Tom Townend!
Editing type Jonathan Amos!
And, of course, megaphone-wielding type Joe Cornish!

There'll also be a chance to win some shit-hot Attack The Block merchandise, although the exact level of shitty hotness has yet to be confirmed, so don't get too excited about that bit. It might be a photo of Joe Cornish squeezing one of my breasts.

The "fun" begins tomorrow with my review of the film (spoiler: I liked it) and continues until Friday or everyone gets sick of it, whichever comes first.

In the meantime, here's a condensed, and much more professional, version of what to expect over the next five days:


  1. Is it like Alien (1979) with a tower block instead of a spaceship and Joseph Cornish instead of Ridley Scott and 8 million pounds instead of 11 milion dollars and kids instead of an adult cast?

  2. I am excited by this exciting news. I look forward to these exciting features excitedly with excitement.