Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Attack The Blog - Day 3: Win An Attack The Block Hoodie!

Everyone knows that anyone who wears a hoodie is obviously a violent bastard who would much rather stab you in the neck than offer you a jelly baby. But if your hoodie is adorned with Attack The Block branding, it sends a clear message that at least you have good taste in films despite being a juvenile psychopath, right?
So I'm pleased to offer one lucky viewer of The Incredible Suit the chance to improve their delinquent criminal image by winning an official Attack The Block hoodie in this not-very-exclusive competition. All you have to do is answer this offensively simple question:

Attack The Block is about an invasion of what?

a) Aliens
b) Carrots
c) Chiltern Railways train timetables

Email your answer to me here before MIDDAY ON FRIDAY 13th MAY and I will attempt to devise an entertaining yet fair method of picking a winner. Bribes will be gratefully received but will have no bearing on who wins. Unless it's an unbelievably amazing bribe, in which case principles go out the window.*

Good luck!

*I'm joking.**
**Or am I?***
***I am


  1. Did you hear the report on 'Front Row'? The photography and acting were praised but the characters were said to be stereotypes. The reviewer must have had squiffy double vision from the pre-screening hospitality because stereotypes are in 3D stereoscopic movies and in this film in monocular or single lens shooting everyone was a monotype.

    Anyway 'Front Row' was not happy that knives were OK so long as it was your gang that had them. The aliens were really just another gang and the gory bloodshed in alleyways made the story an alleygory.

    Verdict. Nice try but no cigar.

  2. I suggest you award the hoodie to the oldest reader of the blog because he or she will look the most ridiculous wearing it.

    I was born in 1948 by the way.