Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Spot The Odd One Out

Hard to tell, seeing as how all of these look like fan posters knocked up during someone's lunch break, but only the first three actually are. The last one is the one that was knocked up during the lunch break of someone who works for the official Skyfall marketing department.

Let's be honest, it's no this.

1 comment :

  1. The posters and trailers serve one purpose only, to get your bum on a cinema seat. However grim they may be does not matter so long as you turn up. It is the film itself that should be good. I know these posters are sometimes sublime art and have purchased at great cost an original Pulp Fiction poster which is joy to behold. They are however just adverts like those for any other products. Sometimes a genius is at work to sell you a loaf of bread. Does Hovis taste better because of Dvorak's "New World" Symphony used in the 1973 Ridley Scott commercial?