Monday, 10 September 2012

Bad Hat Harry's Ten Baddest Hats

Jaws is out on Blu-ray now. It's as completely brilliant as it's always been. I command you to go and buy it immediately.


  1. Only Blu-ray?
    BRODY: You're gonna need a better format.
    I'll wait for Jaws to come out on Sting-Ray.

  2. Pathetic Blu-ray. How about Extreme Manta Ray Flying Tube. That's the one for Jaws

  3. Regarding your penultimate bad hat.
    Q: What do you call a girl that can drink a yard of ale standing on her head
    A: Beatrix

  4. I've just looked at your ten most iconic movie helmets and wonder why the genuine Darth Vader is not included as #1. Dark Hat or Helmet (you see I've forgotten the name already) is just a spoof. It is like listing the top ten Bond movies and having Casino Royale (1967) as #4 or even worse the coming Sacha Baron Cohen send up.