Thursday, 13 September 2012

Daniel Craig To Play James Bond Until He's 68 Years Old

Despite the conspicuous absence of an official announcement from EON Productions, it seems safe to say - after James Bond fansite MI6 broke the news last Thursday, and Deadline confirmed it on Friday - that Daniel Craig has signed on for two more Bond films post-Skyfall.

This development opens up all sorts of avenues for lively debate, by far the most important of which is: how old will Daniel Craig be by the time he hangs up his tux? Well, let's look at the facts: there were two years between Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, and four years between Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall. Employing complex applied mathematics to extrapolate this data, we can see that the gap between Craig's Bond films doubles at each stage, and will in all probability continue to do so. Therefore:
If Bruce Willis doesn't appear in Skyfall as James Bond's future self from 2036, somebody's missed a trick.


  1. It's not like it's going to be 8+ years until Craig's next picture. MGM has announced after Skyfall, Bond films will be released in the every other year intervals.

    Bond 24 will be out in 2014 and Bond 25 in 2016.

    1. I think you'll find I have scientifically proven with cold, hard maths that it will be eight years before the next one and sixteen between that one and the one after that. I don't know what trumped-up evidence you can possibly be basing your wild claims on.

  2. Clearly tongue-in-cheek, sir. Please develop a sense of humour.