Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sam Mendes Says Some Things

Determined to get started on his BlogalongaBond entry for SkyFall early, director Sam Mendes has recorded this videblogothing, which he posted on his little-known site this morning:

Predictably, Mendes gives away very little we don't already know, especially as most of what he says in the videblogothing was released to the press yesterday and written up in staggeringly apathetic articles like this one at The Telegraph, which claims "tension is hardly mounting" over the film's release. Come to my house, The Telegraph, and I'll show you what tension hardly mounting looks like. It looks like a grown man crossing the days off a specially-designed calendar and doing a little dance in his pants every day. (FYI: 247 underpant boogies to go)

Mendes does let slip one curious remark:
"Like everyone else, I have my own personal relationship with Bond which began when I was I suppose about nine or ten years old."
Now that's not a declaration of artistic intent, that's a witness statement. Fortunately Mendes seems to be getting his own back on Bond - watch his videblogothing from 0'55" to 0'59" and you can just make out Daniel Craig on the other side of the camera walking with a discernible limp. Looks like Sam's given the dirty old man a good hard knee in the happy sacks for his past indiscretions.

Of course, Bond's limp could be a result of something else:
I can't wait to see how he keeps that hidden in his tiny trunks this time.


  1. Me Madness, Dams Semen, Mend Me Ass and Messed Man are all jumblies of Sam Mendes and combining his name with James Bond gives you Madame Sends Men Jobs which spookily describes M.

    The critics cold sniping from the sidelines is just sly flak (sky fall).

  2. This film is being released in IMAX, we hear.
    Gawdhelp us if Bond wears swimming trunks or tight shorts again: there will be audience members passing out, left right and centre. Somebody think of common decency. Christopher Tookey will explode, literally!