Thursday 2 February 2012

LucasFilm's Plan To Alienate Star Wars Fans Reaches Depths Hitherto Believed Unattainable


  1. Oh nonsense!

    It's not to alienate Star Wars fans. Star Wars fans already know what TPM is like. They've either already decided to watch it in 3D or, as is more likely, they've already decided they aren't wasting their money on the worst movie in the series just to have an extra dimension shoved in.

    1. This trailer is actually quite a clever attempt to bring in young children who never saw the film at the cinema and may never have seen any of the films at all. It dresses it up with the same kind of voiceover normally heard advertising children's cartoons and actually makes the film look pretty fun and exciting. What it neatly misses out is any talk of trade routes or the senate. Sure it's shameless marketing, but they are trying to promote a movie that most people already know is awful.

  2. Did anyone else expect a record scratch in that trailer?

  3. “You’ve never heard of the Meal of dead Falcon? … It’s the shit that made the arse run in less than 12 parsecs.”

    “You don’t need to see The Incredible Suit … These aren’t the blogs you’re looking for … He can go about his bullshit … Move along.”

    “May the Farce be with you.”

  4. It makes me want to cry in pain.

  5. Why does George Lucas hate me?