Tuesday, 28 February 2012

BAFTAgate: An Update

If there's one movie award ceremony we're all talking about at the moment, it's the BAFTAs, right? Well thank God I've got my finger on the pulse, because here's a thing.

Following my rambling and barely coherent tantrum the other week about the repeated non-liveness of the BAFTA awards ceremony, one of The Incredible Suit's readers - who is himself a BAFTA member - took it upon himself to copy the entire text of the post in an email to BAFTA Chairman Tim Corrie. I wish I'd known he was going to do this because I would have removed the word "fucking" and replaced it with "jolly" or "rather" or something that made me look less uncouth, but there you go.

Anyway, despite the potty-mouthedness of my tirade, Mr Corrie replied, and it's kind of good news. Here's his reply in full:
Thank you for your email.

We are exploring the possibility of moving to a live show with the BBC in 2013 and are keen to make this happen. We will share your feedback with the BBC when we meet with them.

This year’s show was 2 hours 40 minutes which is longer than ever before. We place great importance on the technical categories and the craft of film making but unfortunately some tough editing decisions had to be made to fit into the 2 hour slot on BBC One.

The categories that were not broadcast are available to view on www.bafta.org alongside a number of craft-based webcasts from leading film practitioners.

I have also passed your email to our Head of Film, Alex Cook.

Best wishes,
So there you have it: incontrovertible proof that this blog alone has helped to usher in a new dawn in broadcasting. Now if someone reading this knows BBC Director General Mark Thompson, perhaps you could point him in the direction of The Incredible Suit and we could seal this deal. Just make sure you take out the swears first please.


  1. No swears = no dice. You get it warts and all or nowt. Choose the form of the destructor.

  2. never censor yourself. ever. at least you're fucking honest, you potty-mouthed cunt.