Wednesday 7 December 2011

Forty Amazing Things About The New 2-Disc Die Hard Soundtrack Album

#1 - #39: The tracks
Note (click the picture to embigulate) the inclusion of RUN-DMC's Christmas In Hollis, the greatest Christmas song ever recorded.

#40: The booklet
Twenty-four pages comprising an exhaustive essay on the making and impact of Die Hard by film historian Eric Lichtenfeld and an insanely detailed track-by-track analysis by soundtrack geek Jeff Bond. Sample text:
"A pulsating rhythm and some shrill piccolo and reed lines alternate with pizzicato and synthesiser textures: a light metallic percussion line heard about 1:16 into the cue will later form the driving snare rhythm for 'The Battle/Freeing The Hostages'."
What he means is "that bit that goes dum-dum-dum-dum-DER-DUM is the fucking shit".

The booklet also contains this truly great still which I can't believe I've never seen before:

Michael Kamen's Die Hard score was released by La La Land Records last week in a limited run of 3,500 copies and sold out within six femtoseconds. If you didn't get one, don't worry, they'll be on eBay soon. Best have a chat with your bank manager first.

Titanic thanks to Simon Underwood for alerting me to the album's imminent release. I have promised him my first-born child as a reward.

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  1. Dear Incredible Zoot Suit (1981) please make it into a playlist? Does the The Swinging Dancing Incredible Loud Harmonious Colourful Suit remember those playlists?
    To do is to be. (Jean Paul Satre)
    Do be do be do. (Frank Sinatra)