Thursday, 8 December 2011


Tonight's the night the whole of East London shakes to the sound of Kenny Loggins urging us to kick off our Sunday shoes and lose our blues, as the mighty Kevin Bacon BASICALLY TAKES ON GOD in order to get the kids of Bomont, Middle America, dancing their asses off to mark The Incredible Suit's Cumbersomely Titled Very Good Film And Quiz Night.

You can witness this spectacle by paying £6.50 to the nice people at the Stratford East Picturehouse box office, and if you turn up before 7pm (let's say 6.30 to be on the safe side) you can join in with the free film quiz in the bar before the film. Maximum team size is six peeps and if anyone's coming alone I'll find a friendly team for you to latch on to if you want.

So remember:
7.00pm PROMPT
Film quiz in the bar

Footloose in the cinema

Answers and winners announced

Back to the bar to celebrate, commiserate or just go home

Be there or be an absolute arsepipe.


  1. This 'absolute arsepipe' as you have determined is my destiny will be listening to John Aldington in my side of London at The King's Arms in Acton rather than the Picture House in Stratford East.

  2. The King's Arms is opposite Worple Way, original home of Tonight there was the selling of tatty goods at one end and the sheer delight of John Aldington singing to his guitar in a London Pride lubricated smooth wide ranging voice at the other. Would I rather have been with the Incredible Trivual Pursuit Quiz Inquisitor? No Way.

  3. Hurrah for Das Incredible Suit Boot!

    Thank you for organising last nights' epic cheese fest. We had a blast. I am particularly fond of my Nicolas Cage face mask. Who said points win prizes?! 24 1/2 gets you some epic boobies.

    Yes, I said BOOBIES.