Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday Playlist #29: The Music Of Harry Potter, Part 2

HP7.2 has already sold more tickets than every other film in history combined, times a million, plus one. With any luck it'll shift Avatar off the top of the box office charts and send James Cameron crying into his golden goblet of dodo blood, although probably not because LIFE'S NOT FAIR.
Anyway, none of that matters because we're here to listen to some lovely music, not bang on about what a colossal piece of shit Avatar is and what a Lucas-esque disappointment James Cameron has become.

For the second part of our Harry Potter playlist, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat (Eng. trans.: Alexander Of Splat) take over with two films each. John Williams' work can't possibly be equalled, and Hooper doesn't seem to try, but Desplat brings class and excitement to the two-part finale.

So sit back, expecto your patronum, and...


Coming soon: Saturday Playlist #30. The #30 is relevant.


  1. NTSC TV broadcasts 60 interlaced fields per second making 30 frames per second.

    30 was a 2007 comedy.
    Thirty is a 1915 romantic drama.

    The Thirty belong to a legendary regime of the finest soldiers and tacticians in the world. If the order is requested for aid it will fight until all but one of them has died - the survivor then uses the money earned from the fighting to found a new order.
    What has The Incredible Suit got up his tailored sleeve relating to #30?

  2. Warning - do not listen to Playlist #29 if suffering from depression or alone or if any sharp objects are within reach.

    Fireworks has sounds that used to be made by Jimmy Hendrick's Stratocaster, In Noctem is a beautiful choral work with piercing treble descants, Dumbledore's farewell is like Faure's Requiem and Obliviate is pretty glum too, the heavy sombre bass rolls out again for Ron Leaves, heavy stuff again for Lovegood, The Elder Wand is very dark with more bass, Lily's theme is a celtic haunting vocal melody with yet more rumbling bass, Dragon Flight is at last an upbeat tune and the music is less depressing until Voldemort's End or it should be Voldemort's Mort which is grim once more and at last A New Beginning is an upbeat pleasant symphonic sound if you get to it without slashing your wrists.

  3. Final thought. I have yet to see HP Part 1 or 2 but judging by the music I expect it to be a very sombre experience with nothing to laugh at. Is it better just to forget the last two HP films?