Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Review Of What I Can Remember Of The Last Half Of Super

A couple of months ago I had a ticket to see Super at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival, but on the day of the screening I had to work late for some tedious reason or other, which meant I was going to miss the beginning of the film. I debated for some time whether to go or not, because I HATE HATE HATE missing bits of films. I can't relax if I miss a bit of the opening titles, I go on murderous rampages if I've failed to record the last thirty seconds of something and if I were to watch a DVD with a hundred people I would insist it was paused while I went for a wee.

In the end I realised this debate, which I was essentially having with myself, was causing me to miss even more of the film, so I told myself to man up and get over it and made my way to the cinema hoping that nothing too important had happened in the first 45 minutes.

Fortunately it appeared I'd missed absolutely nowt, not least because mentally I just subsituted another film's first half for Super's, and I was immediately up to speed.
Once I'd grasped Super's justification for existing in a post-Kick-Ass world (it's more violent, has animated Batman '66-esque captions and, er... that's it) I struggled with its uneven tone, its failure to do anything good with Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page defaulting to annoying Juno mode, as well as an uncomfortable sex scene, initiated by a woman, that would almost certainly have raised a few eyebrows had it been the man doing the initiating.

That apart, I didn't hate The Second Half Of Super, and indeed my fellow audience found it quite funny, but then they must have been privy to the setups to which I was witnessing the apparently unfunny punchlines.

So while I am in no way passing judgement on Super as a whole, because I haven't seen it all, I can happily rate the second half "Probably Not Worth It". One day I hope to watch the first half and bring you the rest of my opinion.

Don't hold your breath.

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