Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Previous Seven Days In Previews Of Forthcoming Attractions

Still looking for a decent name for this feature, obviously.

The Iron Lady
I hope Daniel Craig doesn't find out that Meryl Streep's nicked his pout. And yes, that's the music from Moon. Presumably it's from a scene in which it's revealed that that's where Thatcher's from.
Released January 6th 2012

Batman: Year One
If you're the one person on Earth unfamiliar with Batso's origin story, then this straight-to-DVD adaptation of Frank Miller's amazing graphic novel is for you. That's my Mum's Christmas present sorted then.

If cute Japanimation makes you feel all wibbly, you'll love this new film from Studio Ghibli. It's got tiny wee people living under a house; in a deleted scene, one has sex with a mouse.
Released July 29th 2011

The Skin I Live In
Nope. No idea. None whatsoever. Pretty sure it should be The Skin In Which I Live though.
Released August 26th 2011

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  1. How about calling this overture to future treats '7 UP' or 'Seven Up'?
    What about 'Heads Up'? Is 'Foretold' any use? 'Foreseen Film Scene' comes to mind.

    Well, it is your baby, and society demands a name so that it can be put in a pigeon hole nice and safe and no danger to anyone. I think the artist known as Prince wanted to avoid being boxed and served up in preformed chunks. Maybe you should leave the spot without a name. Just describe it in the words of the day. Perhaps it will morph over time to be different in almost every way from its start.