Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Incredible Suit’s Christmas Message

Well viewers, that’s it for this year. The Incredible Suit is packing its Incredible Suitcase and hiding away for the rest of 2009 in order to escape from all that enforced merriment and rampant consumerism. Also, it gives me a few weeks to recharge my plutonium chamber and get my flux capacitor fluxing to capacity again for all the cinematic shizzlepats I’ll get flung at me in 2010.

I’ll be back in the New Year with my uneagerly unawaited Top 5 of 2009, in the hope that by then I’ll have seen the rest of the year’s offerings, and I’ll do my utmost to bore you to tears with the films I’m dreading the least in 2010. There might even be a laughably late review of Avatar, although if you can’t wait until then it’ll probably go something like: “Bugger all plot to speak of and a saggy middle act, but cornea-frottling SFX that will give you the granny of all headaches, which in turn is exacerbated by the absolute worst song ever recorded over the end credits.”

So despite being a grumpy old humbugger, The Incredible Suit does indeed wish you all a tolerable festive ordeal and a passable New Year. In the words of the rather excellent Penguin Party, it’s only Christmas, it’ll soon be over. Do remember to check my Twitter feed every five minutes in case I decide to say something interesting (unlikely), and if you're so bored of Christmas that you're considering putting sprouts up your nose to alleviate the tedium, why not go back and read every single post on The Incredible Suit from Day 1?*

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few virtual gifts to stick under your virtual tree and virtually unwrap at 6.00 on Christmas morning, as if I haven’t given you enough already this year you ungrateful tykes.


*The Samaritans' number is 08457 909090

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  1. James Cameron's 3D Avatars are 2D stock personalities. Stripping aside the technical stuff AVATAR is a bog standard Hollywood Western with airborne equestrian arrow shooting tree dwelling blueskins instead of regular equestrian arrow shooting tent dwelling redskins, unobtainium instead of gold to argue about, Colonel Quaritch instead of General Custer and located in inhospitable space in Pandora full of predatory flying fauna instead of inhospitable Monument Valley full of predatory creepy crawlies. It should have been a traditional 90 minutes too instead of 162.

    Having said that, the 3D seat rattling surround sound and in your face action was astonishingly good and the Avatars seemed like real not CGI creatures. The film is a milestone in technological advancement.