Thursday 10 December 2009

A Cuddly Welshman

In the distant future, when all books have perished to dust and the human race has been reduced to infinitesimal particles of dandruff floating on the nuclear wind, the only surviving record of the history of mankind will be movie biopics, captured forever on DVD, a format which has been proven to withstand a cataclysmic atomic blast (possibly).

So when aliens land on Earth and scour their local Blockbuster to learn of this mysterious race of creatures which once inhabited the planet, won't they question why so many historical figures of note look a bit... well, similar?

(Not pictured: Charles Dickens, Yitzhak Rabin, William Bligh, Donald Campbell,
Dr John Kellogg, George Washington, Ernest Hemingway, and many more who all looked suspiciously like a cuddly Welshman)

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  1. Dear Mr Suit,
    As a friendly Taff I an concerned that you may be complaining about the large body of work amassed by my meliflous voiced countryman. Surely not?

    I saw on film 2009 last night that a wee indie Welsh film is making its mark, soon to hit the rest of the UK outside Cardiff . perhapa it may persuade of how lovely we Celts are? the aliens will love Tony.

    Ms So So Jeans

  2. I must apologize for that mangled English above. But that's what happens when trying to defend one of your cultural icons while writing on a tiny keyboard on a bouncy bus.

    Anthony rules! Cymru am byth!

  3. I hazard a guess that when Earth experiences its Gotterdamerung the only item to survive will be Superman's suit; The Incredible Suit!

  4. Don't forget that early episodes of Coronation Street are zapping on their way where aliens will be able to watch them long after earth has evaporated.

  5. Ms Jeans, I'm afraid I am complaining about Hoppo's excessive filmography. Next time you see him on the bus can you ask him to take a break?

  6. Ok it's a deal but only if you can get that sodding Michael Macintyre off Tv.