Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Four Megatons Of Hunk

In a dangerous experiment to contain the most manliness ever gathered together on a single stage, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are about to star on Broadway in A Steady Rain, the story of two cops whose friendship is put to the test by something or other, I don't know what, go and see the play and tell me. Apparently only ladyfolk and scrawny gentlemen will be allowed in because the theatre is only licenced to hold four megatons of hunk.

Hugh Jackman plays Denny, a police officer from Chicago. Daniel Craig, by the look of things, plays Ian Beale, a hopeless cafe owner from Walford, London.

Pictorial explanation for overseas readers:

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  1. I don't get this picture of the third guy ? Is this what you have to look like to get into the show ? Why is the picture only for overseas people ?

    Confused overseas reader with many questions

  2. OK, my apologies. The second pic is of Ian Beale, a character from a popular English TV programme called EastEnders. He's a figure of fun in the UK, particularly when he grew this tragic moustache.

    The point of my post was to imply that Daniel Craig looked like Ian Beale with his equally silly moustache. I fear the joke may have been lost in translation. Rest assured, people in the UK would have found this so unbearably funny their nipples will have exploded.

  3. Lost in Translation. Good title for a film.