Tuesday 28 January 2014

That's Rogertainment!

Fair warning: I've had an idea. Not a particularly original idea; in fact, not even a very good idea (and there may have been gin present at its conception), but an idea nevertheless, and one which I believe deserves a warning.

Last year, for some birthday or other, I received two films from some excellent friends: 1978's The Wild Geese and 1979's North Sea Hijack. Both were gifted to me because I, like every true Englishman, believe that Sir Roger George Moore is among the greatest creatures ever to walk the Earth, and that includes the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger. And so it became clear to me that I must devote myself to watching every single one of Rodge's films, and by "every single one" I mean "the ones I can easily get hold of", and also "not SpiceWorld".

So let it be known that I intend to devour as much of His Royal Rogerness' output as I can over the coming months / decades, and I shall endeavour to report back on my findings on these very pages. I doubt that I'll find better than The Man Who Haunted Himself, and I won't be including Bond films because I've covered them elsewhere, but I promise not to rest until I've swallowed as much Moore as I can take.

Bearing in mind that, as I understand it, most Roger Moore films are of questionable value as works of art, I'll be rating each film not on its quality but on its level of Rogertainment; that is, how much great Roger Business goes on in it. Films will be awarded between one and five Rogers, thusly:

Very little, low quality Roger Business

Not quite enough Roger Business, or Roger Business of insufficient quality

Medium-level Roger Business, just enough to satisfy

An advanced amount and / or level of Roger Business

Premium, prolonged Roger Business

Let the feast begin. And yes, I'll be attempting to get to the bottom of this:



  2. Brilliant ! I'm looking forward to read your next article !