Thursday, 12 April 2012

Well These Are Nice

I must have been a good boy yesterday because Uncle Internet came round in the evening and dumped a bunch of new, official and rather gorgeous stills from Skyfall in my laptop, and unlike most of my uncles I didn't have to do any special favours by way of thanks.

I'm not usually one to just present new movie stills without at least a half-hearted attempt at a few smartarse captions, but these are so lovely that I think I'll just leave them here as they are and stare at them all day long. Feel free to have a little stare with me if you like. It's not weird, honest.
I should probably say that "Uncle Internet" is the secret name I have to give to Empire Online. They say it makes them sound more cuddly but if you ask me it just sounds creepy.


  1. It does confirm your prior informations...

    Oh, the excitement !

  2. I love that M has a British bulldog on her desk. He even has Union Jack pants!

  3. Note the careful replication of the bulldog stance there by DJD. I bet she's wearing the pants behind that desk.

  4. Can't wait to see this! Love the stills.