Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How To Fall From A Height And Land Like A Bit Of A Tit 2: Avengers Edition

It's almost a year since The Incredible Suit "examined" Hollywood's insistence on having their heroes perform the elaborate stance which seemed to have become the default position to assume whenever they were required to fall from a height and land heroically.

It now looks like the stance is going to have to be named 'The Avenger', since at least three of Earth's mightiest heroes (if Black Widow counts) are prime exponents of the move, as a cursory glance at the internet proves. Let's take another, even more half-hearted look!

Black Widow

Black Widow executes a faultless 'Avenger' in Iron Man 2 to celebrate beating the bejesus out of Jon Favreau for directing such a piece of shit. The flowing red tresses are an added bonus; in fact they're always welcome round these parts. (fnerk)

Iron Man
Restricted somewhat by his metallic pyjamas, Iron Man himself has a crack in the forthcoming Marvel Avengers Assemble. It's a bit stiff if we're being brutally honest. Can someone pass the WD-40?

Thor's attempt at 'The Avenger' is all the more impressive for landing on a moving aircraft, and the flowing cape is a nice touch. He could do with a belt though, I can almost see his bifröst bridge from here.

Join us again next year, when we all have a good laugh at a 58-year-old John McClane attempting 'The Avenger' in A Good Day To Die Hard and displacing several vertebrae in the process.

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