Monday 5 March 2012

Ralph McQuarrie 1929-2012

It doesn't really matter whether or not you know who Ralph McQuarrie was, but you should know that more or less every science fiction film since Star Wars looks like it does because of him. That doesn't mean you can blame him for Moonraker though.

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  1. An Oscar for Cocoon, flights of fancy for Boeing and devising a 92 mile diameter Death Star for Star Wars. Yes, a life we can all salute. (Except Darth Vader who claims an original design fault was responsible for the total failure of the Death Star which was blown back in time and crashed to Earth killing all the dinosaurs. Luke Skywalker was in a daydream at the time of the failure and was lucky to escape any damage to his X wing fighter. He claimed he had shot the Death Star down and the Federation twits believed him!)