Thursday 8 March 2012

Hollywood Babble-On

Here's a thing you should do if you're in London on Wednesday 21st March and enjoy gossip about long-dead film stars: Little Joe, the new kid on the movie magazine block, is hosting an evening dedicated to Kenneth Anger's 1959 book Hollywood Babylon, and you're invited! Which is to say that everyone's invited, providing they buy a ticket.

Hollywood Babylon is, of course, the collection of hilariously salacious and largely invented tales of sordid goings-on amongst the Brangelinas of the first half of the twentieth century. If you want to know who was nobbing who, when they nobbed them, how often the nobbing took place and in which orifices the nobbing was received, Hollywood Babylon is the book of half-truths for you. It might be responsible for all the celebrity gossip shit we have to put up with these days but don't hold that against it: it's a cracking read, thanks to Anger's purple prose and his obsession with the filthy, sweaty undercarriage of Tinseltown.

Little Joe's evening - part of their 'A Little Film Club' series of events - includes a screening of the 1991 BBC Arena documentary on Kenneth Anger and his sensibility-troubling books, as well as a discussion about the seedy side of Hollywood, which will hopefully finally solve the problem of whose [censored] it was that was found stuck in [censored]'s [censored] that time. My eyes still water just thinking about it.

So here are those all-important deets:

A Little Film Club presents
A Tribute to Kenneth Anger’s
Hollywood Babylon
Wednesday 21 March 7:30pm
The Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way, London SE11 4TH

Tickets are £7.50 and are available right flipping here.


  1. In those days it was said Roy Rogers but Walt Disney.
    (If you don't get it, try saying it out loud in a Billy Connolly accent.)

  2. Anger Anger at your peril. He is a a magician in the Thelema Order and may place a curse on you. His Babylon Books set a standard for accuracy and research that is the guiding light for The Incredible Sue It.