Monday, 10 October 2011

Tiny Birthday Nipples

Charles Dance is 65 today. He was in that James Bond film and also that one with the aliens and the bald lady. For more amazing Charles Dancing, why not have a look at Mary's Charles Dance Homepage, which features possibly the greatest ever quote by an actor to a fan:

"I'm honoured that you should have established a web site on me"
- Charles Dance, 1998

Not only that but you can also play a virtual version of that game where you slide tiles around to unscramble a picture. I don't know what they're called.

Happy Birthday Chuck!


  1. Wasn't he the villain in 'The Golden Child'? His impatience with Eddie Murphy's character was quite fun.

  2. Love him in "Game of Thrones". Well, love him in everything. Except "Ali G". That was a shame. But still:

    "I just shot somebody and I did it on purpose!"

  3. Enjoyed him in White Mischief and Pascali's Islan, in both of which his character ends up being killed.