Tuesday 11 October 2011

This Is What Happens When You Don't Read The Incredible Suit

The Problem
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, October 8 2011

The Solution
Source: The Incredible Suit, September 19 2011

If you care at all about the people you love, please tell them to read The Incredible Suit. Now proven to save time, money, disappointment and expensive legal proceedings.

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  1. Sarah Damning or Deming should have seen that the director was just a Gosling. The Bet was directed by Eric Swan and a Swan was needed in this case.

    My Swan idea is as sensible as choosing the movie on the basis of marketing by a sales team. In most cases they have not and probably do not want to waste time watching the film. Something is wrong if you are permitted to sue others for your own stupidity.

    Lesson #87 Never look at film posters or trailers. It is axiomatic that they degrade the enjoyment of the film they are promoting.

    Proof - Your own life would not be worth living if you saw it laid out in posters and trailers.

    "The Incredible Suitcase. Compulsive behaviour by Suitskey the legendary critic and performance artist who went mad and tried to alter every film poster he saw on display."