Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mission Creep:
The Incredible Suit goes rogue

Hello. Neil here. You probably haven't noticed but I've been banging on about films on this criminally undercelebrated, literally award-losing website for nearly nine years now, minus a year off in 2013 when I was kidnapped by a jealous rival movie blog. My regular reader will know how comically infrequent updates are these days, and for that I would apologise if only anyone cared.

It's not that I've fallen out of love with films, or writing (although I do have a love/detest relationship with the latter), it's just that I kind of got a bit fed up of trying to find insightful and witty things to say about new releases, not least because I never succeeded. So in an attempt to stretch my limited talents to levels guaranteed to reveal just how deficient they are, I've decided to expand the remit of the blog.

As of now, The Incredible Suit is no longer a film blog. It's an everything blog. It's one of those tedious blogs where some idiot vomits their brainpuke onto the page regardless of expertise or reader interest. It's a dumping ground for me to witter inanely about whatever takes my interest and whatever I might feel strongly about after a couple of gins, including gin. It's a film blog, a booze blog, a book blog (lol as if I read books), a TV blog, a travel blog, a music blog (although almost certainly the only music covered will be the output of Fleetwood Mac between 1975 and 1987), and - if you're really unlucky - a blog about the crushing misery of attempting to simultaneously buy and sell a house, which is about the only thing in this list on which I am actually an expert.

The new dawn begins tomorrow, with a load of old shit that will only be of remote interest to the crossover in the Venn diagram of People Who Like Gin and People Who Like Festivals. You have been warned.

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  1. You do right well though. More power to ye.