Monday, 6 July 2015

There's a James Bond comic
book series on the way

I don't know much about comics (apparently you can get some that aren't Batman) but I'm on board for this, based on the fact that two people on Twitter told me it would probably be good, and also the artist followed me straight back, making us bestbudz4eva.

More helpful details here.


  1. Did you ever get around to reading Vargr in the end? I enjoyed Ellis's take on Bond and it's got some great action sequences — but not enough of the 'swanning about exotic locales' that the both the books and movies give you.

    I somehow missed issue #5, so I was holding out on reading #6 (which I do have), but I think I may have to give up that fight.

  2. I read the first two issues then decided to wait for the TPB, which I haven't read yet. Not too fussed about a lack of globetrotting, the books were fairly light on that.