Friday, 5 October 2012

Global James Bond Day: Adele's Back!

After teasing us with a suspiciously "leaked" preview of her theme song for Skyfall on Tuesday, Adele has now unleashed her song on an iTunes-funding public. She's also very kindly provided a karaoke video of sorts, with all the lyrics included. The silly billy forgot to take her own voice off it, but you can still play SingalongaBond in the middle of the office and annoy literally everyone in the world. Headphones on, volume up:

Let the sky foal when it crumbowls indeed. As usual for a Bond theme the lyrics make almost no sense, but who cares? That orchestra is on fire (not literally), and when blasted out of a cinema's speakers alongside Daniel Kleinman's title sequence this is going to make your* nose bleed with excitement. Bring it on.



  1. Judging by the way that the song starts with "This Is The End", I'm going to put my neck out and say that the pre-titles will probably end with Bond "dying" à la YOLT (we already know this happens at some point so it's a pretty risk-free prediction)

  2. This isn't the first comment to point out the horribly contrived lyrics, and Skyfall seems on par with the many previous Bond themes that struggle to weave-in their enigmatic titles. Perversely the Skyfawl/crumbawl bit only seems to "work" with Adele's tiresome cockney delivery, would they have had to change it for another singer? Who would they have got if she was unavailable, Dot Cotton?