Thursday, 17 May 2012

First Official Skyfall Poster Slightly Better Than The One I Knocked Up This Morning

Here it is then: the first official piece of marketing for Skyfall, if you don't count all those photos from the other week, which you shouldn't because you wouldn't want them up on your wall would you? Unless you want to look at Daniel Craig's arsecrack every day.

You'll be pleased to read that The Incredible Suit's official verdict is: I like it. Despite the fact that Craig is wearing that shirt with the stupid collar that makes him look like he's got a bicycle's inner tube round his neck, and despite the fact that it looks like he's either been miniaturised and loaded into a gunbarrel or he's just got lost in a particularly dangerous subway, I like it.

I like the way it incorporates the famous gunbarrel design in a new way. I like the reference to the tube tunnels that feature heavily in an important set piece. I like that it's in black and white, except for the gold 007 logo, signifying Bond's 50th anniversary. I like the typeface, although the slightly larger 'F' still confuses me. But most of all I like that it's got James Fucking Bond, front and centre, where the eye is immediately drawn to, not standing just out of shot casting a non-threatening shadow.

So well done whoever's responsible. I'll take twenty please, one for each wall in my house.


  1. The Skyfall out take video has chapters on 007's booze (Skinfull), stunts (Skilful), acting technique (Artfull) and babes (Mouthfull).

  2. Not a bad poster at all. It could have been Dreadfall.

  3. James Murdoch has had a bigger SkyFall than James Bond.

  4. The Incredible Suit's vast knowledge of Bond Films makes him a KnowAll