Thursday, 12 January 2012

Michael Caine, Riding A Giant Bee, Being Chased By Huge Multi-Coloured Bird-Monsters

It's as if The Swarm never happened.


  1. This sequel to 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' is a journey so let there be a great cheer for the
    Transportation Department
    Ted Basso .... production van driver operator
    Ty Church .... transportation coordinator: North Carolina
    Debbie Lane Hewett .... driver: North Carolina
    E. Michael Hewett .... driver: North Carolina
    Mark McNeill .... transportation captain: North Carolina
    George Nadian .... transportation captain
    Rick Parkinson .... driver
    Chris Raines .... driver
    Richard C. Ryan .... production van operator
    Scott Siler .... driver: North Carolina
    Greg Stancil .... driver
    Paul E. Stroh .... transportation coordinator

    Some movies have marathon end credits scrolling along mostly to an empty cinema, the audience having stumbled over each other to get out not wishing to wait an age to learn that David Midgen was the titles producer or Sean Murphy was the key second assistant accountant.

    Imagine what life would be like if everything you bought had a full list attached of everyone responsible for it's production!

  2. I take credit for the last posting and the mistake in my own name.
    Tony Cox was made by Geoffrey William Cox and Hilda Mary Cox and delivered in K1 Hospital near Kirkuk, Iraq
    Tony's text entry device by Dell
    Tony's electricity courtesy of Southern Electric.
    Tony's relaxation partner and wife Sheila Cox.
    Tony's drinks by Dom Perignon (as if!)
    Tony's Snacks by Sainsburys
    Tony's clothing by Primark
    Tony's levodopa supplied by NHS
    Tony's spectacle optics by Oakley

  3. It's Angry Birds, the movie !