Thursday 24 November 2011

Because You'd Think Less Of Me If I Didn't Do It


  1. I'd rather see Rupert Grint in The Ron Trousers or perhaps in the Tron Trousers.
    What would be better than all of that would be the blockbuster The Iron man meets The Iron Lady.

  2. @Tony Cox, would any of those be as good as Grint's celebrated dual performances in 1998's 'The Man in the Ron Mask'?

  3. Zuko - Ha Ha Maybe not! Meryl Streep did Kramer vs Kramer so she could revive that with Dustin Hoffman and Rupert Grint could be the child they are wanting custody of. It would be called The Ron Child.

    The Incredible Suit's flights of fancy are very entertaining. Talking of flights, when one went wrong someone blamed The Wrong Brothers.