Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Casino Royale Titles:
Daniel Kleinman's Early Designs

Following yesterday's interview with Daniel Kleinman, designer of six James Bond title sequences (including the forthcoming Skyfall), here's a bunch of "rough electronic sketches" that he produced while creating the titles for Casino Royale. Some of these images have never been seen before outside Daniel's computer, and I'm eternally grateful to him for allowing me to publish them on The Incredible Suit, not to mention somewhat inappropriately aroused.

The first twelve images are scans of an annotated storyboard of the first part of the sequence; the notes are Daniel's own. The rest are sketches intended to convey the visual ideas he wanted to put on film.

All images are reproduced with the kind permission of Daniel Kleinman.
All images are © Daniel Kleinman.

Don't forget, all images are © Daniel Kleinman. I'm not mucking about here.


  1. These are amazing, great to see a peek of the creative process at work, thank you!

  2. I'm interested in the copyright.

    Imagine that producer A hires designer B to make the titles for a film and B designs a creature C which is later made into a cuddly toy D. If I was A I would insist that the copyright for all the work I commissioned from B would belong to me. If not, then B could prevent me from exploiting the commercial possibility of selling D. Even worse, B could sell vast numbers of D without giving me a penny. (I'm thinking here of the Pink Panther copyright of Owens Corning Intellectual Capital but David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng were the ones with the Oscar nomination for the title sequence in the film)

    I am ignorant of how it works. I do not suppose for a moment it is as simple as A B C. Perhaps copyright is assigned in exchange for royalties.

  3. These are brilliant! Thanks for doing this series.

  4. Many thanks for making these accessible! Fantastic imagery and a fascinating insight into the creative process, offering a new perspective on a very familiar and much enjoyed sequence. Daniel Kleinman is brilliant, a true genius of an artist who deserves wider recognition; I love all his Bond titles and can't wait to see him in action again!

  5. Am I alone in thinking Danny K and Rob Brownjohn's titles are way better than any of Mr Binder's? The GF credits are amazing. Number plate over girl's mouth. Golf ball in cleavage. Faces on hands. All projected on to the cutest actress ever to appear in a 007 film - Marg Nolan!